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‘Couple of Blokes’ is a new weekly podcast hosted by two great mates: David ‘The Ox’ Schwarz and Mark ‘Marko’ Allen.

Mark played professional golf around the world for 15-years, including the 1999 British Open. He has worked at 3AW, Macquarie Sports Radio and SEN for over a decade. As a survivor of Stage 4 bowel cancer, Mark is now a Bowel Cancer Australia Ambassador and public speaker.

Ox is a former AFL star, with many experts regarding him at, or close to, the best forward in the game early in his career with the Melbourne Demons. His footy career was cut short by three serious knee injuries. A reformed gambling addict, Ox has been off the punt since 2005, and has developed an impressive career in the media and public speaking.

The Ox and Marko podcast 'Couple of Blokes' provides an excellent environment for brands to target a engaging, entertaining podcast with a core audience of Males 35-59.

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