Brand Strategy
& Development

Kaizen Media offers consultancy services to podcasters, radio, music and other partners on brand strategy, digital innovation, execution and talent development.

Our approach is collaborative, partner-centric, and bespoke for our partners specific situation, with a focus on actionable, measurable and revenue-positive outcomes.

Talent Management
& Consulting

With over 30 years experience in the media, Dan Bradley has worked with some of the highest profile talent in Australia and internationally, and negotiated contracts with, and for, almost every radio network.

Kaizen Media work with select radio, music and podcast talent to develop their career, profile and revenue opportunities either on an ongoing or, in some cases, a project basis. See our talent >

Content & Audio Development

We partner with clients, in a variety of sectors, who have a desire to develop an audio and digital strategy, and the content that drives it.

This can be pre-launch and pre-revenue to refine and shape the strategy and the ‘offer’, or post-launch to ensure that the execution of the strategy is nimble, responsive and competitive.